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Welcome to Age of Trump

Sunday , July 15, 2018 - 12:00 AM4 comments

There’s not an hour of the day that goes by when something Donald Trump said, did, or was involved with is not constantly replayed on every major cable network. While everything he says or does is certainly newsworthy, much of it is little more than lies, wild exaggerations, and insults against anyone who disagrees with him. The problem is that there are few if any effective responses to his dishonest rhetoric. Many people believe that his constant exposure in the media with this rhetoric led to his election victory.

Almost weekly, the American public is exposed to a White House sideshow of hand-picked supporters and sycophants to hear little more than self serving bluster and adoration of Trump’s tremendous leadership. While some of these groups were brought in to be recognized for their own achievements, they ended up becoming backdrops to Trump’s self-proclaimed leadership genius.

In addition to Trump’s White House sideshows, his favorite and most effective activities are his frequent campaign rallies. Most of these appearances have been advertised as events to promote a local Republican political candidate or cause, but they invariably end up as self-flattering monuments to his own brilliant leadership and accomplishments. In fact, these appearances are nothing more than self-serving political shows promoting not only his brilliance, but personal insults against anyone he dislikes.

The Democratic Party has no equivalent platform in the national media with which to dispute the lies, fearmongering and misinformation that Trump emits at his rallies. While most major cable networks air these rallies in order to inform viewers of the absurdity of what he often says, they seem to forget that Trump’s supporters either believe or ignore everything he says regardless of the truth. His absurdities only promote the loyalty of these people.

Against this abysmal political backdrop, the Democratic Party has established itself as some leading columnists have often said it is: weak, insignificant, and powerless. As opposed to Trump’s constant myopic pronouncements in the media, there is little or no equivalent outrage by the Democratic Party or its leadership to his attacks. Any press or Democratic responses are often weak defensive replies over what he said or tweeted. The problem is not Trump, but the Democratic Party.

Jack Allen


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